Welcome to Nissi Protection Services (PTY) Ltd

Nissi Protection Services (PTY) Ltd is a full black owned Level 1 BB-EEE Security Company. We are 71% women owned and a subsidiary of Nissi Group of Companies as known as Nissi Holdings from 2013.

An estimated 12 000 murders were committed in 2018/19, affecting about 0,07% of households in South Africa. All affected households reported incidences of murder to the police. According to SAPS data, there were 32 000 murders during the same period,

Students and teachers deaths and forced sexual abuse, industrial burglaries, small business looting during strikes, residential break ins, we name them.

We cannot emphasize enough how the need for safety and security has become one of our daily primary need and a huge concern.

Nissi Protection Services is committed to ensure the safety of your residential, industrial, high value stock escorting, VIP protection and many more.

We are available 24hrs a day and 7 days a week. With crime prevention, we mean Business.


We understand your need to protect what matters to you most and as we attend to your calls, we attend to our own community.

Educational and Health Centres Guarding

Commercial Guarding

Residential Guarding

Events and Crowd Control

VIP Escorts/ Guarding

Educational and Health Centres Guarding

We are a security company, but we are also parents. – (Child and educators safety is one of our utmost concern, in South Africa we have had incidents where teachers were stabbed to death, kids stabbed each other, rapes, kidnaps and the list is endless. We are a community of saying this must now be forced to come to an end). 

Places of healthy unfit people and those who looks after them and help serve them get better are also a huge concern to us as the community at large. Nurses and doctors should be able to focus on their work and patients to focus on recovering with assurance they are in a safe place in our hospitals and clinics. 

  1. Main gates access control
  2. Metal detector and (possibly search) on suspicions of danger objects and substances.
  3. Vigilant armed patrol 24/7 including weekends and school holidays (with 2 way radios linked to the local SAPS Police Station)
  4. First Aid trained security guard and (branded security vehicle – optional)
  5. CCV TV Surveillance installation, upgrading and monitoring
  6. Security/Electric Fence installation,
  7. Kids monitoring at drops-off and pick ups by their respective transports
  8. Reports of suspicious activities to school management
Commercial Guarding
  1. High risk and high value stock armed escorting and confidential documents deliveries.
  2. CCV TV Surveillance cameras installation, programming, upgrades and monitoring.
  3. Vehicle surveillance cameras installation (driver behaviour, road ahead and the road behind)
  4. Electric Fences installations, programming, upgrades and monitoring.
  5. Day and or night armed guard patrol.
  6. Stock loses, in-house, on delivery etc investigations.
  7. Access Control (at entrances and or inside buildings and warehouses) conducting searches using hi-tech end detecting technology as well as traditional searches.
  8. Security Guards at Receiving, Dispatch, Returns etc monitoring the movement of stock and documentations.
    Residential Guarding
    1. Estates, complexes and private homes access control.
    2. Armed guarding and property patrol (optional).
    3. Family escorts out and or inside homes (on request when suspicions have been reported).
    4. Residential noise levels monitoring
    5. Neighbours conflict resolution safety assist.
    Events and Crowd Control
    1. Stadiums access control
    2. Dangerous weapons, metal detection and random access searches.
    3. Liquor restrictions enforcement (client and functional based activity).
    4. Players, VIP, ambulances etc ushering in / out.
    5. Safe, forced removal of trouble makers.
    VIP Escorts / Guarding
    1. Discreet or public escort and guarding.
    2. swell trained convoy or individuals
    3. Branded escort hi speed vehicle (s)
    4. Nissi will offer a from a presidential non branded vehicle if needed (optional service)
    5. All VIP on road escorts done in a branded Golf 7 Gti or similar vehicle range
    6. All VIP off-road escorts done in a non-branded Jeep Wrangler or similar 4×4 vehicle range.
    7. Invoicing done per kilometre, per hour and other additional as per the client request.


    Every Nissi Protection Services team member undergoes a strict recruitment and selection process to ensure only the best candidate is chosen.

    1. They then undergo security clearance checks,
    2. A psychoanalysis test
    3. Criminal and reference check
    4. As well as documents and certifications verification 


    Once employed, all candidates undergo rigorous training, which is maintained throughout their time with us.

    Our Armed Response Officers are all professionally trained in firearms, crime-scene management and basic medical first aid, equipping them to serve you in any situation that may arise.


    We are highly trained professionals who are great at protecting our customers, but we are members of the community first and foremost.

    Although our high focus is at Educational Centres marked (PRIORITY) egSchools Universities and Crèches, we also are concerned of the crime rate in our Industrial Sectors e.g Firms, warehouses, distributions as well as in our Residential areas and Private homes.

    In one way or the other, direct or indirectly we are all victims of crime, and we need to put measures in place to make sure our schools, hospitals, industrial, residential dwellings and community events are safer places to be at.


    Remember to take note of the following numbers: 

    Nissi Protection Services 24/7 Contact Number:  010 006 5200
    South African Police Services Contact Number:   10111
    Emergency Services: 10177 / (911 Cell phone)
    Roadside Assist : 0861 000 234
    Directors Mobile:      074 822 9105 

    Email: protect@nissiprotect.co.za
    Website: www.nissiprotect.co.za 

    Nissi Protection Services (PTY Ltd)
    55 van der Walt Road

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